Saturday, December 11, 2010

OSGrid Update Available.

A newer version of OSG was released this week. You can download it at OSGrid directly . The Red Dragon Regions are upgraded and up to speed with this new version. Kokua viewer (former imprudence) will unlikely be updated this year, as its Dev's decided to take a december holiday.

Quick notes on how we upgraded 10 regions in 3 instances  :
- Download OSG file & extract it 3 times in 3 folders
- Look for changes in new opensim.INI file
- Copy Opensim.ini / config-include/Gridcommon.ini / regions/regionconfig.ini  from old to new directory's
- Boot the new versions. (yes, it is that simple). Mind that if you have DrawprimonMaptile enabled, it will take a while to start if you have many prims. Just be patient. We always perform a restart after first boot.

If something fails, we can quickly revert back (old install is still there). I post this as I still hear people mentioning  that they'll be copying a new installation over an older existing folder. If you WANT bugs and headaches to hit you, and no rollback option, thats the way to go. Mind that on SQLlite you either need to manually copy the old database files (.db) , or import an OAR after any upgrade.

Other news ? Make your own animations with the Kinect maybe ?  (Likely more potential than using it as a joystick  ). Also the links section below has been updated. If you have great stuff we missed, feel free to share it.

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