Sunday, September 21, 2014

Camping in other grids

we are legion
we are legion
As i started to miss my prims, i decided to upload the X build of Red Dragon to Metropolis Grid for the time being. I'm confident OSgrid will be back, but this will take days at least, more likely weeks. Bless the OAR functions, and a diskcrash teaching me to make regular backups.
For status updates on OSG you can either follow G+,  the OSgrids news page, twitter, Facebook, IRC or the good old OSG Forum.

A donation banner has been posted permanently in the right column of this Blog. Great initiative started by 3D Rock grid and with a banner kindly provided by Maria Korolov. (click if you want one for your webby / blog or region as well).  Much of the OSG residents are refugee in metropolis for now, and its great to see the opensim based grids stand united with the outage of OSG. At least now we don't have to miss out on the party's, and it's always nice to make new friends, and meet up with long "lost" ones.

If you want to party or visit other events in upcoming week(s) check the following links:

When OSgrid is back up, I think it will be time for Red Dragon build XI. More on that later. The troubleshooting document for region setup has been updated, and can be found on the help page.