Friday, July 29, 2022

OSgrid 15th Birthday

OSgrid turns 15 this week. DJ's and Live events all weekend. Visit the OSG15B regions, check out the wonderful resident built exhibits and join us on Event Plaza for a weekend of Music and Partytime !

Sunday, December 13, 2020

Leaping towards the Furture

We just finished OSgrids 2020 Annual community meeting. In case you missed it, visit the OSgrid forums / Wiki to read back. In a nutshell, last few years of raising funds have enabled OSgrid to move forward, and migrate and replace the ever growing asset cluster.  This means it eventually will reside on newer servers, with more bandwidth. more power, less cost, and a new system.This should prove more stable and most importantly,  allow for flexible scalability.  Replacing assets has always been inevitable, the current cluster can't grow indefinitely. But as it means running " double servers" for a while, (transferring gigabytes of assets simply takes time), it was not always a feasible option.  

Currently, funding has been sufficient to start this process, and although it might sound "just logical", taking this step technically reassures OSgrid has a solid future. It will be able to cope with growth, without it running "stuck" somewhere in the future. So it's pretty great news, all made possible by OSgrids residents and the people that donated to it during the auctions or just on the webpage !   

All is already "ongoing", servers are hired, and the whole project is rolling, it is estimated to take 3-4 months. It will result in some days of downtime after assets has been transferred. Notifications of that will be sent on twitter / social media by that time. So in the end of this strange year, we at least can look forward to a bright future, full of options and possibilities for the next decade. 

You also want to check out the new "Script Magic" region, which is OSgrids latest and greatest inworld script library, maintained by Wiz and Caro. More news is to follow before 2021 arrives.