Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Red Dragon Osgrid 2017

Red Dragon Nite club is 10 years old this year. Of these 10 years, we have been "operational" for 3,5 years in Secondlife, giving huge party's every weekend. In the Osgrid we spent most our time building. This resulted in regions with over 50.000 prims, which makes them look nice, but renders them useless for events / party's.  Red Dragon build X is the latest build, meaning we should be considering making a new build next year.

So what's happening in OSGrid in the first quarter of 2017:

Every week :
- weekly developer meetings on Tuesdays  (Wright Plaza).
- weekly Wednesday Party by Aussie & Sirius on wednesdays (Event Plaza).
- weekly Friday Party by Osgrid with various DJ's (EP).
- weekly Resident meetings on Saturdays (WP).
- weekly Live musicians at the Maritime club on Sundays (belfast).

Special events :
- Class of 2017 will start somewhere in Q1 (learn to run your own simulator).
- Osgrid Valentine Event (will be held at Event plaza, the Friday before valentines day).
- The Annual "Cornflakes week" will be held in the last week of Februari.
- Community classes ( Scripting / Dj-íng / Basics etc ).

In the past year i've DJ'd every OSgrid Friday party (50 of 52 weeks). In the next year, you will see old and new faces playing sets on Fridays, but a bit less of Foxx. I threw myself out of the active DJ list, and went on "reserve". Both to have time for other activities, and to make room for "fresh blood".
If you're a DJ, and want to brighten our party's with some kick ass tunes, feel free to contact me inworld or on FoxxBode@Osgrid.org

Last but not least, we currently have an active OSGrid group on the Steamcommunity with OSG residents playing "other games". Stuff like GTA V, Saints Row, Left 4 Dead, and various other fun to play co-op games. If you'd love to shoot me in the face, or just like having fun outside the grid, feel free to request an invite.  Red Dragon Nite club has it's own group there. Any member of RDNC on Steam is automatically eligeble to recieve free random Steam Game keys.

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Happy new year

All the best for you and those you love in 2017 !

Greetings from the Dragon
    click for your Chinese horoscope for the year of the Rooster

The last month of this year was both hectic and awesome. We had a great Christmas Party at event plaza, and welcomed a lot of new users in the grid. Next year OSgrid will bring you fresh DJ's, new events, new community classes, and more. Stay tuned.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Business as usual

Since i feel i can´t get away with posting only an add after not having updated here for so many weeks, here's a small update. I found and cleaned out a bunch of broken links and removed some blogs links which seemed dead. I haven't been building lately, so little progress on the Red Dragon past weeks.

OSG is currently at version  0.9.0.dev.f3e7603 which appears to run nicely. Just a reminder, support for megaregions was removed last august. (I know, who cares, but just so you know).
Last month the OSgrid suffered 2 minor outages, both were network related and resolved fairly swiftly. I cannot help noticing that more grids seem to suffer outages lately. 2 days ago metropolis was down for some hours. GCG and Digiworlds are currently offline as well, both have been taken out by hurricane Matthew, killing power in the region.

It seems overall activity in the various grids is growing, more events, art exhibits, hunts, games and other stuff going on.  A trip i can recommend is the ride on Fest AVi 2016 which is just awesome. You can find it on the Francogrid. And if you like to explore in groups, join the HG safari, that visits a different grid / region each week.

So what's going on in the OSgrid. Joao plays his ukulele on Tuesdays on the Almost Islands, DJ's Sirius & Aussie started a mid week Wednesday party on Event plaza, the date for the Halloween party is known, (see below). The Friday party still up & running weekly, we have Singergirl performing next Friday, every Saturday there is a community meeting at Wright plaza and a party at Mirrors, The Maritime club has it's great live performers singing and playing for you every Sunday. So no need to be bored when your not building, shopping, or browsing the various regions.

The OSCC is comping up on December 10th, preparations for that are in process. They are still looking for volunteers, so if you're interested in participating, click here, for general info, hit the homepage here : http://conference.opensimulator.org/2016/#top

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Regions Updated

The quiet months are almost over. In summertime it´s always a little slower in the Metaverse, Less people attend the various party´s, and the general `online` population shrinks with about a third, as hanging at the beach in RL & having late barbecues has it´s charms as well.

Dan Banner
Dan the Man
Looking back on this summer, loads of changes have been made in the grid´s back-end configuration, and this always brings glitches and tiny nuisances along. But at least there is progress. Due to careful monitoring of the grid by in particular Mr. Banner, potential catastrophic events have been prevented. This did result in the grid being `disabled` a couple of times, but this didn't spoil the fun. And again, for all you doomsday figures out there, the grid did not crash a single time. Monitoring indicated an issue, and the admin took preventive measures to ensure nothing exploded, and disabled assets,  inventory & logins to prevent any damage. Good job on that, as eventually after a long diagnostics run, a disk was replaced.

OSG9B was a success, despite the logins being disabled for some hours on the opening party. Hurray for the Hypergrid, as we still partied hard anyways. Various pictures and video's can be found on the OSG9B collection in my G+ Profile.  If you have more media to share, feel free to mail me a link, and i will add it to that page for historical reference.

Today all 20 Red Dragon Regions have been updated to the latest version released 7 august, and all are running as expected. Firestorm issued a new release of it's viewer, with some feature enhancements for VAR regions, audio and some other stuff. more info HERE.

You have 2 more weeks to visit the OSG9B regions, before they will be permanently archived and taken down. They are located around event plaza, and if you have not visited them yet, you're missing out. There is a lot of very nice free stuff available, and the builds there are definitely worth your time.

Every Saturday there is a Resident Meeting on Wright Plaza. If you have brilliant suggestions or questions on any OSG related subject, feel free too attend and share your thoughts / ask what you need to know. It's a good way to keep up to speed inworld, with all that's happening in the grid.

On a final note, a goodbye / Farewall to a friend, Mr Bill Windwalker, aka Xstorm Radek. Many years he visited Red Dragon in both SL and OSG, and being a mentor he helped out hundreds if not thousands of users inworld. He has left the metaverse, and I wish him all the best for the future. "You might not return, but will not be forgotten".  That's all for now.

NB: Possibly the URL of this Blog will change in the near future, as i plan to hook it to it's "own" domain name. You will be redirected when it happens. (first need to fix some certificate stuff for it).