Friday, July 12, 2013

OSG6B Town Hall Meeting

The OSG forums tell me that OSG's 6th birthday event will be held from 2nd to the 6th of August. Events and exhibitionspace can be requested / reserved by asking any of OSG's admins or in the OSG forum topic.
The OSG party's are generally well visited partys, with very nice exhibitions, cool new free stuff, and kick-ass events with various live DJ's / performers playing a variety of music. Last sunday there was a Town Hall meeting about the event, you can find the chat log here 

OSG management has also put out some updates in the forums regarding the meetings they have had. This is mainly about hypergrid and the metro Ban, and the legal status of the non profit organisation. The latest version of the simulator dates from the 6th of july, and can be downloaded here.  We didn't install it yet, so cant tell how it performs.Not much more news at Red Dragon, It will take aproxx. another 5 years to decorate all the huge space. Hopefully around OSG 1.0 :)

This weeks spotlight points to a very useful service in OSG, the Travel Office. It's located on Wright Plaza, maintained by Marcelia Beck and has many landmarkgivers to all the sweetspots in OSgrid, and even the hypergrid.  OSG forums have a topic on how you can upload your own Landmarks there, and the LMgivers also display if a region is up or not, so no more wasting time with teleports into oblivion either.

Newbie, or Die-Hard Metaverse Traveller, the Travel Office will get you to sims you should not miss.