Sunday, June 12, 2011

-*RDS*- Design realises various projects in OSgrid

Next to building stuff for the Red Dragon Nite club, we sometimes assist and help out the people that are not capable of realising their own builds or projects. Below you will find 2 of our latest projects in OSgrid.

The first one is a build of Nedaplast LTD, built for avatar Neda Norm.

In a constant search to generate added value for its customers, Nedaplast LTD from the Netherlands was searching for a way to make an attractive product catalogue in 3D for it's customers. Nedaplast is a company that designs, develops and sells Recycled Plastics. From parking poles to street and park furniture, straight poles & boards, or even fencings and playground supplies, if it's design is from recycled plastics, Nedaplast is the supplier you look for in the netherlands.

Instead of suggesting a 3D plugin for their website, Foxx Bode of -*RDS*- Design made a pilot simulator on the OSGrid, translating their "physical" building into a 3D model as per their request. Eventually this model should become available on Hypergrid, and anchor into the Nedaplast website. This way Nedaplast's customers can not only look at specsheets, but also get an idea of the 3D representation & design of its various models of products. This is a work in progress, but the sim is live, and can be visited at Nedaplast LTD on the map.

The second project is a conference center built for avatar Amanda Rose.

In a couple of months, the US airforce will have a conference in the Rennaisance Spa & hotel, for which a virtual representation was required in the OSgrid. -*RDS*- built an impression (not replica) of a part of the hotel in which this convention will be held. It's currently situated on the sim of RDS Design, but will move to a desired location soon.

For more information on implementing your project in OSgrid, you can always inform at RDS for assistance, consultancy or even basic building lessons. Mind that RDS design will only build "full perm", and that any project we realise can become available to anyone who would like to have it. As we generally do not charge anything for building a project,  this also means you will have to cope with what we provide in. We build for fun, not for greed. For further information on RDS Design, contact Foxx Bode inworld or at