Saturday, April 25, 2015


Some of the Red Dragon regions in a snapshot from the Wireframe of the viewer. (Ctrl Shift R).

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Also get tired of the Bullshit ?

After reading some comments on various forums and metaverse related webpages, i would like to put down my 5 ct's about OSG loosing some assets. Since i don't want to feed trolls or generate flame wars on other peoples pages, here is my opinion on the people that love stir up things and generate drama on anything they can be "offended" about. I always wonder why such people never own a grid, since they are so awesome and great.

OSG needs better and faster PR, as i only found whats failing on some random page on the internet: and the OSG twitter feed have never been so actively used than since the outage, so  OSgrid is communicating more to its users than it ever did in the past. That people rather find their news on 3rd party pages is not something any OSG admin can do anything about. It's there on their homepage, it's posted timely and it is informative. If you subscribe to the news-feed, you  even get notified via email. Ignorance is simply not a excuse. (or at the least a very lame one).

This bug has been known for weeks : 

The bug they found / resolved was present for some weeks, but they only discovered it on the 16th of April, during patching of the asset server. On 17th and 18th there are public updates on the news page informing everyone, but that unfortunately doesn't change the result. Stuff got lost. But making drama about lack of communications ? Mehh.

Now i can post here about OSG being a "test grid", alpha software, regular backups, and a using a tiny bit of common sense, but that would make me a "Fanboy" or "OSG pet" wouldn't it ? (Trolls always need to "put you down" in their posts preferably before you even reply, for not sharing their view on things).

I am just a user, but by all means, call me fanboy. I'm an OSG resident for about 5 years now, and apart from some broken assets, textures, and about 6,5 months of downtime in these 5 years, OSG provides me with a better (and much cheaper) service & experience than any other grid i have tried. And also i have lost some prims, textures, pictures etc. due to this bug. Too bad. Apart from time, it doesn't cost me anything to recreate /upload. Inconvenient and not funny, but so are the IRS bills i find in my mailbox every month. Shit happens. No amount of drama will return my stuff. So why bother whining, can better put that energy to use to recreate what you lost / need.

OSgrid should ...  (fill in any desire. :) 

You might want to read this story. I am aware i run alpha software. I know it can have bugs. I know I can loose everything, since its not all on stored my machine. I was already very happy that 99% of my stuff was still there after the outage.
But what I still do not understand that people which don't want to be in a test grid, don't want to run "alpha" releases, and who create "vital" pixels (lol), are on a public grid, creating drama and shitstorms throughout every medium they can find, every time something doesn't go like they expect it to. And especially right after a major outage. Like that will change things. (Venting your opinion is fine, but mind people can disagree, especially when one apparently has very wrong expectations).

It's not like you have to pay $300,- a month for all the awesomeness Opensim offers. Maybe we should, so OSG can recruit a "communications officer" to pamper all  "special" users, and explain about every bit they change every release. Or maybe do what OSgrid is meant for. Build your own grid, (enabled by the great work they do voluntarily), and see how well you go by yourself.

Beggars cannot be choosers.  ( it's apparently the best translation for a very old dutch saying "Do not look a given horse in the mouth" ).  Mind i'm not trying to start some flame-war here. Just tired of reading the same BS of the same individuals every time OSG burps or farts. It has done it before, and it will likely do it again. and if you can't stand the heat...... you can always cry on the Internets.....

Monday, April 20, 2015

On Updates & blank textures

OSgrid's newspage has busy times lately. It has more posts than the whole of last 2 years in 1 month. Fist off, a new ini file was added (this moves the OSSL part from the opensim.ini to the config-include folder if I understood correctly). Handy for when you want to run NPC's or one of the awesome Danceballs / other scripted NPC products produced by Aine.

Also there was a pretty serious bork in the asset server. Apparently it has not been writing it's assets to database in the past 3 weeks or so. Caching prevented this issue from being spotted earlier, and the bottom line is, that all the stuff made / uploaded / textured in the last couple of weeks, is now either gone missing or blank. The bug was found on the 16th of April, when emergency patching shutdown the grids login for some hours. The bug has been fixed, but if you clear cache, stuff might look a bit different than when you put it there. Details are in the News page, fist link in this article.

Luckily, its just prims & pixels, and unless you have been creating a world from scratch in the past weeks, it likely boils down to applying a filter (on days) in inventory, delete the blank stuff, and empty trash on website. Smart thing to do afterwards is make sure you grab a IAR copy of your inventory, so you can sleep relaxed knowing all your precious prims are backed up. (If you live in a testgrid, this is a smart idea anyways). If you have been creating new prims on your regions, and need to clean up; you can find all available asset commands on this page.

A new release was issued after the outage, but according to twitter this one is bugged. So do not install this, be patient, and wait until the next release is issued. ( It's there now, you can grab it at the OSG downloadpage )
Did someone already explain you that making your own regular backups makes you a more balanced person ?