Friday, July 22, 2011

OSgrid's 4th birthday started ( 22nd to 25th of July )

OSgrid's 4th birthday (OSG4B) is on from 22nd to 25th of July

The announced special events that OSgridders will hold on their regions this weekend are:

    * All day 22nd - 23rd: Dance Party at region Lani, Throne Room and Pyramid Ballroom with Costume Party, dress as you like
    * All day 22nd - 23rd: RolePlay Combat, Challenges, and Duels at region ixi, desert caves area and The Great Hall of Combat 
    * 22nd at 19.00 UTC: Friday Dance Party OSgrid Birthday Special at region Close Encounter
    * 22nd at 23.00 UTC: Live music by Rafaella Docherty and streamed western for 4 hours at Western Saloon
    * All day 23rd: Art installation with paintings from Rainer Hübner on region CB Showroom
    * 23rd at 10.00 UTC: Guided tour of OSgrid with demonstration of building by Larysa Firehawk. The tour will be display on a big screen in RL Australia. Everyone welcome to participate
    * 23rd at 19.00 UTC: Psytrance dance party “Living picture” at region CB Showroom with music by DJ Galen
    * 24th at 21.00 UTC: Live music at the Maritime Hotel at region OSG4B Festival presented by stiofain nbmcmedia