Sunday, July 2, 2017

Red Dragon back online

For OSGG10b all 25 Red Dragon Regions have been reinstated and are up and running on latest. This includes Red Dragon VIII, IX and X builds, aswell as all residential area's and oceans. As the VIII build was realised between 2010-2012, it has some unique shops like D&J furniture, Jorinks Art Gallery, -*RDS* Design, Redverse, Lalinda's & Perfect Pillars, which you won't find elsewhere in the grid anymore.

Also it's a nice place to explore, much hidden and underground builds, shops, stores, cinema's, gallery's, tunnels, hidden passages, etc. etc. Mind it is all prim, so will take a bit to load. These regions are best viewed with 1024 mtr view, loads of zoom, and ultra video settings.

OSG10b preparations are in full progress, and if you want an exhibit plot, you best not wait much longer claiming one. There is less than 25 plots available, and full is full. You can already pop by and take a sneek peak to the creative explosions brought to you by OSgrids Residents.

Ask any admin to assign you a plot if you like to build a display on this 10 years special anniversary OSG10b regions.  Be part of the history of the Hub of the Metaverse.

If you like OSgrid and would love to contribute to the festivities, consider giving it a Birthday Present.. Also, if you happen to have an opensimworld account, and no use for it's coins, consider donating them to any OSgrid Plaza. We use these for advertising & promotions.