Wednesday, January 19, 2011

OSG issues new release, Map purged

It's been a while since our last update as we haven't spent to much time on the grid lately The dev team, however did tons of good stuff in the background. The 17th of januari they issued a new version, and today the 19th, the region map was purged, leaving a 4600+ regions online, that all run 5 januari's version or later. This means that the grid is a lot more usable now, as the map is more reliable. We hope it's a reoccuring event. Also another reminder that you can empty your trash via the website. No need to walk around with more trash than inventory anymore. Just login to the osgrid website, click account, delete AV trash, wait 5 minutes, relog your viewer, and your good. We eagerly await website upgrades, as the wire and who's online pages were very nice additions to the social part of the grid.

Imprudence or as renamed Kokua is still working on version 1.4 of their viewer, and you still have 10 days left fo help the "brand" the Aurora server and provide them with a great logo.(see previous topic). For the rest little major news, were still thinking on the new sim design. Other interesting news,  SecondLife has a EA dude working for them, and he solved all their problems by raising the groups to 42, the answer to life, the universe and everything. Nintendo brings it's 3D gameboy, and if you like to play with 3D, and build meshes, try and show us your awesome stuff. Back to a busy LBSA plaza, with loads of new faces.

Today's region spotlight is a new Freebie Area called Freebies from Corny. Its on the map, Freebie Cornflakes (132, 133, 24).
You will find several items from various builders in OSG there. Check it out, grab some nice new goodies, and have fun. If you visit, make sure to find the owner of this sim and say Hi.