Sunday, July 26, 2015

OSG8B Party

The OSgrid Birthday party kicked off yesterday with a short speech and tunes by Dan Banner. After 2 random crashes and nice fireworks, the region behaved, and with 52 avatars on the region we had good fun.
DJ's  LadyJo and Jazzy were followed by Live performances of Joaquin Gustav and Whirly Placebo, but under the sound of awesome guitar tunes i must have slipped off into a weird dream. ( I was dancing with a girl with horns wings and bunny slippers, in a psychedelic world full of bright colors and rotating mushrooms and pretty lights). Anyhow. I woke up in bed instead of like this, and no headaches, so all apparently went well.

If you like to see the pictures and video's of yesterday's party, check here, here, here and especially here.  In case you missed it, there's another party tonight starting at 19.00 (GMT +1). The lineup for tonight includes yours truly, JayMaze of D&J's and the Maritime club on the road with live performances and DJ Stiofain.

Last but not least, check the OSG8B birthday displays. They include very nice builds. My personal favorite this year is built by my "online neighbors" Jim and Izzy. Go check it yourself to see why.
Red Dragon wishes a Happy Birthday to OSgrid and all connected friends and residents.