Sunday, June 18, 2017


6 months... it has been that long since i posted something here. 3 drafts, and no posts. Ouch. Well life has been busy, but we're still around, having fun and partying every week in the OSgrid.

Currently the Red Dragon regions are Offline, as we disassembled the server it was running on. Red Dragon is as old as OSgrid (it's just over 10 years now) so we consider building version XI rather than putting back the bloated VIII - X builds on the shiny new custom built water cooled machine we recieved from Dragon Computers.

OSgrid will celebreate it's 10th birthday next month. Traditional the OSG10b regions have been fired up, where the commmunity builds displays and demo's for the occasion. We will also Party like we do every year, and you can expect a weekend full of DJ´s & live entertainers cheering up the celebrations. It will be a blast, Here's an invite to you all to come join us and celebrate the anniversary of the hub of the Metaverse.