Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Grid Downtime & Lost friends

Osgrid had an outage. Not too much details are known to us, but for what we understand we've read on twitter, there was an issue in the datacenter. After last time's PSU failure, and Neb playing with Databases, the 3rd outage this year. Yeah thats news, as it's pretty amazing that a 10.000 sim 60K+ user grid, hosted around the world through a gazillion networks is as stable as it is. Chapeau for the hard work of the admins and not to forget the dev's making this possible.

by avelinademoray
A couple of weeks back the creator of Port Azure, Tasha Violet, passed away. She was a great builder, and  the community lost a very creative mind. Some of her sims, and much of her work are still around for you to enjoy.

Last week i found on OSG forums also Hans Hausermann passed away. He was a cheerfull and very friendly and funny OSG regular, that i met in LBSA quite often. Some close friends have built him a nice memorial. It makes you realise the infinity of the pixels, the spirit people put into their builds, and the friendships that can evolve between the people behind the avatars  in virtual worlds.
These people will be missed, but their memorials and builds will hopefully last forever.

Not the most cheerful topics for in a Blog on virtual worlds, but unfortunately death is inevitable. We can only be grateful to live lives rich with filled with good friends to enjoy them with, and hope our legacy and heritage outlasts the time we have been given. Rest in Peace.