Sunday, February 9, 2014

New clubs in OSgrid

Next sunday, Club Yiffi will open it's doors. Haven't seen it yet, so can't post much about it, apart from it being ran by Kris Terrien. I will post more details when they become available. At Federation Bay regions the new club Quantum is actively recruiting DJ's to start a series of events in 2014. If you're interested in running a set or organise an event there, you can contact Sherrifdawn Summers for details.

Red Dragon has planted prim 45.000 on it's main region so it's "full". Can still move around with 4 AV's so it's good enough to explore a bit, not suitable for big events though. The regions simply do not have enough upstream bandwidth for 15+ avatars, this much prims and scripts, and a decent shoutcast stream, and also the RAM would deplete if i tried. I will first continue building on the Red Dragon X region now, before testing if maxprims=100.000 also works. I still have some floors to fill, and also some free shopping space is still available for those interested.

As more and more people request me to run events, i will probably launch a party somewhere soon. Likely will be a "Red Dragon Roadshow" on a region that has sufficient bandwidth,  but more on that later. On the website the club list on the right side was updated, if you want your club to be listed there, or know of a club that should be mentioned in that list let us know.