Monday, October 8, 2018

New opensim released

After months of not much happening codewise, 2 versions of opensim were released to the OSgrid, of which the latest is found HERE.  Few things for your consideration, depending which version you come from :

- On windows this build requires .NET 4.6
- This build has a new OSSLenable.ini. It's located in bin/config-include
(OSSL is now completely removed from opensim.ini).
- This build no longer has a VIVOX section in opensim.ini
(You can just add the vivox code snippet below the section "freeswitch", if you have vivox access)
- This build no longer has 3DWarpmap as default maptile provider.
If you want to run 3dwarpmap, consider these steps :
* enable 3dwarpmap in opensim.ini
* Disable "draw textures on prims" -> false (if you fail to do this, region will likely spit EOC marker errors in console, and make you wait forever to fully start).
* Start region, wait until its booted. Shutdown
* Enable "draw textures on prims" -> true. save.
* Start region. (Initial boot will take longer, but it works, and you will have pretty map tiles. Be patient). Can still give EOC marker errors, but will skip those faster somehow, if the map already has tiles.
In short, above means you can best start a fresh install, and manually reconfigure your INI's, where needed.

For as far as the Red Dragon regions are concerned, there all up and running latest.
I did create OAR's exports, dropped the database, created 5 new databases, and split my 25 region VAR in smaller bits, as i didn't like the load of the 5x5, and startup took way too long. My conclusion is that 160000+ prims and 6000+ scripts should just not exist in 1 VAR. It will work. But that's about it. Boot's slow, lag, huge memory load on a single process. Not optimal.
Performance is much better now the load is divided. And having fresh OAR's is not a bad thing either.
note on last week :