Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Halloween part II

If you missed out on the OSG halloween party, you still have a chance to exhibit your most spooky outfit at upcoming D&J's Halloween themed friday party.

The region is Close Encounter, and  Doro & Jay will be your host and DJ. Mind that for the occasion you will need to be costumed. People that walk in with their "regular" avatars will have their souls eaten, and have to stay and cleanup the prims and do the dishes when the party has ended...  Well, maybe not, but the request is to wear a custom avatar for the occasion, and contribute to the atmosphere of the party. Mind the time displayed is GMT.

Unfortunately all pictures I shot at the OSG party are saved in inventory ( have to export,  open TGA, convert to JPG, normalise, resize etc. before i can upload, not going to happen anytime soon ) and the video i shot has an IM window open, so hopefully others have shot some footage. I'll dig through OSG gallery and G+  for them later and update this topic with links if i find any.

At Red Dragon Club X region a new furniture store & art gallery opened, by RedVerse Waspe. If you look for custom prim furniture or abstract art, you might want to pop by and visit here. All his work is available full perm and free to copy. You can find it in the main building, 3rd floor, right wing. Teleporters will be placed at the entrance to the building somewhere after the regions are updated with the latest release of OSG.