Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Partners, Password resets & Purging sims

OSG has made some changes. As of valantines day, it's possible to "hook up" with your virtual lover. You can now partner by logging into the OSG website, choosing account / partner and specify the name of the lucky person that accompanies you in your virtual travels. If he / she accepts, you are officially registered as partners. The one benefit this has, is that you can let the partner know in a subtile way your through with em, by simply breaking your partnership.....

Also you get the option to change email adres and passwords. You might want to do this some day, as your already using yours for over 3,4,5 years now ?
Furthermore you can now Purge any region you own from the map. It crashed ? Lost the UUID to it ? or simply want to remove it from the map ? Now you can, by logging in to your account on the website.

New goodies like the stuff above you can find in the  weekly briefings in OSG forums. Last but not least there is a new realease of 0.7.6 you can download it here.  ( Keep in mind the INI changes from the last topic. If you crash and burn at boot, check your configurations ! ) .