Sunday, September 2, 2018

OSgrid fund raising Carnival

One of OSgrid's annual events is a fundraiser. As oldest and largest grid in the Metaverse, it runs off quite an impressive array of hardware, which hosts all the assets. Along with the new grid-servers running the web page and grid services, this gobble's up RL cash.
Since OSgrid completely relies on donations and volunteers to remain in operation, it collaborates with it's great in-world community to raise funds.

This year a whole week of events is being planned, with carnival rides, games, shows, a donation auction, swimsuit competition, a soccer event and lots of Party's !

Keep posted inworld and on the Facebook and G+ pages. The events will run from the 21st to the 28th of September.

With your donations  the grid is kept alive, going strong, and moving forward. So your contribution, either small or big, and in whatever form, is very much appreciated and needed.
The voluntary nature of OSgrid's setup keeps the grid open to anyone, and it's worlds free of greed so you can really "just be" and enjoy the promise of "your world, your freedom".
If you would like to participate actively and / or host your own event, get in touch. Best way is to do this through the community meeting held every Saturday at 11.00 on Hurliman Plaza.