Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Seven Seas regions

Sometimes i hop around the grid, and visit old LM's from inventory, just to see if the sims are still up and alive, and what is there now. Last week i dropped by at an old friend, SynthFreak Universe. His "Seven Seas" regions are filled with very nice visual effects existing of a combination of all media OSG can offer. Scriptd textures and particles, video, all remotely controlled to display an array of stunning effects. A shopping mall, and plenty of nice builds are around to explore.

The new cathedral at Seven Sea's contains a lot of Mesh elements, so when you visit, its handy to not visit on an ancient viewer that doesn't have any support for Meshes *.  Also, don't get lost in the cellars and  dungeons there. They are a maze.
10 fresh regions for you to explore, much to see, addres HERE

* Osgrid posted the link to the latest Firestorm for Opensim on their twitter. It also mentions fixes on the search in the next OSG release. More info on : http://www.osgrid.org/