Sunday, September 8, 2013

Opensim conference

If you regularly visit any or multiple grids,  i recommend you to visit the Opensim Conference  (click link for more details) which is held this weekend. There will be a variety of speakers and events, and the display regions that have been put up are just amazing. Very nice builds, and a great representation of what the various grids in the metaverse have to offer. Definitely worth a visit. The Expo regions are open to all public.

I believe all the sessions with speakers & keynotes are full.  Some free tickets are atill available at this link : , and all will be streamed live on Ustream as it is happening  There are really interesting topics being discussed You can check back what already happened yesterday by going HERE and view the recorded streams. URL's to the live streams can be found after the page break.

I think this conference is already a huge success, only looking at the tremendous effort it must have been to set things up, and to get all these people from allover the world to collaborate and work together to create this event.  The regions & webpages look great, the expositions are awesome. Livestreams work like a charm, and all well is documented for us that were asleep, so we don't miss out. For some reason, it feels like it is a big step forward, all these worlds uniting in this conference.

To the organisation, the various speakers at the Opening Keynote and all the grid owners, Chapeau, you have made this an impressive event, and thank you for making our virtual lives possible. This event will be an annually recurring one, but the grid (which is specifically built for this event ) will disappear after a few months, so make sure to pop by whilst you have the chance.  On map :

This conference was one of the best and most informative event i ever visited in the metaverse. I recon i'll be busy a few more days watching all the recorded streams with the sessions i missed. But since all i attended was awesome, i need to see the rest as well.
Pictures of the event can be found on the Google+ event  page HERE. mind to add yours if you made any.