Monday, March 9, 2015

Update & Aftermath

Whilst the OSgrid admins are chewing away at fixing broken assets, they also pushed out a new version of the simulator today. You can grab it Here. I have been online quite a bit last week, and seen a lot of faces in OSgrid. Some new, and many older friends popped in and found themselves at LBSA's spontaneous party's, and mostly everyone is happy to be "Back Home" as that's what OSgrid means to a lot of us.

Most users suffer very little problems from the recovery, their homes have been brought online again, 99% of inventor is still where they left it. The stress of "losing all your stuff" without having a decent backup must have been a headache for some. They didn't loose all though, due to a lot of time and effort of the admin/dev team, and OSG's ability to purchase specialized recovery services. Which in it's turn would not have been possible without its users.

So if you are an OSGrid resident, can afford it, and you appreciate having your stuff back, or you are extremely happy with the services as provided, consider a donation. Even if it's small, or maybe just enough to buy some hardworking dev a beer or pack of smokes, its appreciated. OSG is likely to be low on funding after the recovery bill, and especially now all is back and improv(ed/ing) again, they can use the extra love. 102902 OSG users (that 102903rd is you) will be grateful for your support.

Next Friday, Dorothea and Jaymaze will resume their weekly Friday party's at Close Encounter region in OSgrid.  This was announced last Friday at the "final" party in metropolis grid. I think i can speak on behalf of many, when i sincerely thank our friends in Metropolis (and all other grids providing refuge to me and many friends) for their hospitality and support in the "dark winter" of 2014. That's all for now, back to riding the waves of the "complete" Metaverse some more.