Saturday, February 9, 2013

OSG changes, Standalone, Metropolis

Every once and a while changes occur. In life, work, relations, and also in the grids we live in. Most people don't like changes, they are good "as they are" and they value other things than progression, like for instance reliability, security, friendships or their community. As "progression" is not a guarantee for "satisfaction"
(example ?  V1 to V2 viewer in SL springs to mind), some people are opposed to anything.

Lately there is a lot of buzz regarding the new "owner" of OSgrid. Many of the "issues" i read are bound to personal issues with the individual, and since none of them concern me, I as a "regular" OSgrid resident could care less. I do see a lot of new things happening in OSG. Greeters in the plaza's, welcome area taken in use, better starter AV's, and a plan to get OSG registered properly & formally, with a board of representatives, a decent TOS etc.

From a user point of view, i say "better late than never". OSG could use some serious work on it's community-sense, and professionalise a bit. Too long it stayed a "test grid" without a forseeable "stable" version on which this grid can prosper. It's most important asset, the people in it, felt isolated and unheared  which has been expressed in numerous occasions. So i appreciate the choices and effort the new OSG management put in so far.

Unfortunately, every grid has it's rules. OSgrid did pretty well "without" but if you want to proffesionalise, you have little choice than setting a standard somewhere. And there is always people that don't like "the" cq "any" rules. You can discuss them, but cannot deny them. Someone will (have to) make a descision, and stick to it. One obey's the rules of the house he's in. This policy is pretty much globally accepted, so on a grid it's no different. If one cannot live with the rules that apply, too bad, cut losses, and go elsewhere is the only option.

All the fuzz and drama, and the "conspiracies" about OSG's future commercial plans, and who is appointed to assist / greet people and for what "deeper reason", are bit well, much for me.So far I get the same great free service here i enjoy since i left SL, and for my person, little has changed, apart from having missing some friends that left. This as they could not comply with the "new"  terms or just have a personal or moral issue now things start to take more serious shape. And since the new greeters cant help with everything, (and not everybody is willing to put up with "the establishment" for help), there will always be user interactions.
Too early to run away screaming for Foxx. (oh and my tip for the week : Read this Link  as in, been there, done it before, will likely have to do it again).

One thing i dislike is that OSG appearently killed HG connections to Metropolis. As a lot of european users left / moved / migrated / abandoned OSG to live in that grid that is not handy. I can't find why, but it is a sad development. It means i have to miss some close friends, and relog to be able to talk to them....

Hence i dropped 3 sims in Metropolis aswell, and since i'm testing a bit anyways, i have also setup a nice hypergrided standalone, which you can find here (for now) : Red Dragon Nite Club  ( if it gives a 404, im asleep, and so is my server ) . But whatever grid you are on, and regardless of who owns it,  you should always be able to visit a Red Dragon Nite club.