Saturday, November 19, 2011

Updates links & weblogs

We updated our log today with links to a number of pages with scripts, and a list of interesting Blogs regarding OSgrid and  Opensim. You can find all the new stuff by scrolling down a bit to our links section.

If you have a weblog / URL / place / club / info regarding Opensim you would like to share with the rest of the world, by all means let us know. Were not the best read Blog on the planet, but were here and we keep getting at it. You can email Foxx Bode at Gmail, or leave a message in our shoutbox. Mind we will only place Opensim and or related pages, as we don't sell meds etc.  

Osgrid is currently at version 0.7.3 which apears nice and stable Stats can be found HERE. One important note, your furniture might need re-adjusting / positioning due to a server side change, which affects seats, beds  and other positionings in OSG. ( for what we understand from it the default sit position was changed, which affects some positioning ).

On the Aurora front it is a bit quiet lately, with their latest public release being the one from august. 

As for the Red Dragon club, it's new sims need tons of work done, but there is too much other games slurping all my attention. Battlefield III, World of Tanks, the elder scrolls Skyrim, Modern warefare III, Civilisation V.....  So much fun stuff to do, and only so little time. Anyways. Go check the new stuff. Some Blogs will provide you very interesting articles for reading.