Sunday, June 26, 2011

Back up

Well, we are back up, but not from a backup. Wish we had one on a partition that didnt die. Anyways. I did some quick building today and here's some first pic's. Mind its a work in progress though. But at least the Club is back up and running.
It needs a lot more work, which will obviously happen overtime. Feel free to pop by and take a sneak peak at it however. Make sure to say Hi if you do. Red Dragon nite club can be found by finding "Red Dragon Club" on the map.

Soon we will also revive the Red Dragon Shops, after which you can come and put the stuff you like to share out for sale again. Contact Foxx Bode inworld for more details.

For now, take care, and when you make those OAR's, store them on a different disk, not different partition ! It can save some hours/weeks/Months....