Saturday, April 4, 2015

Region restarts & Opensimworld

Since the lines here got upgraded a while ago, Red Dragon had a small "spontaneous" party with some friends from LBSA plaza. The regions performed surprisingly well, no lag, no crashes, which is remarkable for a region as "stuffed" as RD.

This weekend Red Dragons regions have been restarted several times due to maintenance on the network its hosted in. The internal network has now been switched to gigabit, as it's upstream router was replaced. For region performance it doesn't make a whole bunch of difference, but downloads have improved a factor 5 in speed, and WiFi is performing much better which is nice for all the phones and tablets. Was bit of a bummer finding out the latest firmware on it didn't have NAT loopback support (WTF !) but loading a different firmware fixed the issue and so all is up and running fine.

Opensimworld Hypergrid DirectoryThere is a new advertising system for hypergrid connected  simulators on opensimworld. It also lists events in any of the 323 known worlds straight on their homepage. Sim owners can create an account there, place a marker at their place, and add their region. Find their FAQ here to find out how the system works, and what the service has to offer. In case you'd like to show your support, Red Dragon is listed under this profile.