Saturday, January 23, 2016

OSG Friday party Evolved

Every Friday we have a party in OSgrid at Event Plaza. This tradition was started by D&J on Close Encounters region 8 years ago, and continued  on Event Plaza, with the help of some great friends and an awesome community.

As of this week, the OSG Friday party expanded. We now have DJ's Foxx Bode running in the European / Emea timezone, LadyJo Martin takes care of the USA timezone and Aussie Envee continues in the Australian / Oceania timezone. This means that wherever you are in the world, there is a party going, every Friday, also when you are awake.

We have a solid and awesome team of hosts; Mattie McBride, Alya Vonz, Ni Lemon, Jazzy Chatterbox and Atticus Finch, and all of us are are backed up by the OSG admins Dan Banner & Sarah Kline. Special thanks to these people as they keep the party lively, accessible, and orderly. They also decorate the regions at special events, all to enable us to have a great time. I don't tell them enough how much there efforts help to make the event a success.
You people are wonderful !

The party's are very well attended (thank you for that, we really appreciate your company), Since we  received applications of live performers, we will start scheduling these between the DJ's, so expect an occasional singer / performer to play live. NB; If you really like live performances, you should check the events issued every Sunday in the Maritime Club.

We like diversity, and also this year, we will make an effort to get your favorite DJ / performer playing at a Friday event. If your a performer yourself, and are interested, please get in touch. Mind that we don't have "application rules". The only criteria is that it has to be a musical performance, as it is a party. Whatever grid you call home, whatever genre you like to play, you're welcome to apply and fill a 1, 2 or 4 hour slot depending on your act. It's fun, and also a great way to promote your Grid / Region / Club / Music and entertain your friends.

If you've never attended, you're missing out on the biggest party's in the Metaverse, Join us next week, and bring your friends ! Nice DJ's, a fun hosting team and a live singer will be making an effort to enable you to have a great time. The week after a Mystery Guest DJ is scheduled. So hope to see you next Friday. The calendar here will keep you posted.