Saturday, July 18, 2015

OSGrid Formalities & Party

All regions of Red Dragon have been updated to the latest version, and we have enjoyed our annual holidays this year. Whilst relaxing under the sun in Croatia, on wifi reading the OSG forums on the meeting last week, I can best quote Mr. Albertlr Landar of OSGrid Inc. :

""The main announcement that was made at our annual meeting held on July 5th was that OS grid, Inc. is now a Non-Profit Tax Deductible (In the United States) Corporation as the Internal Revenue Service has made that designation as of May 15, 2015.
Also any contributions or donations to OSgrid back to Feb 19, 2013 will be considered deductible. If you made a contribution or donation in those prior years of 2013 or 2014 and would like a receipt please let us know. You will have to file an amended tax return to have those funds refunded to you.
I will be making a summary of the chat, and answering a few questions that were over looked during the meeting on July 5th. In the meantime you can read the raw chat provided by Lani Global here: ""

OSGrid took good steps forward by becoming it's own legal entity. This opens many pathways to the future, and if you're involved in the grid any way, i suggest you read all about it yourself in the above link.

Next weekend OSGrid will celebrate it's 8th year birthday, and a nice lineup of DJ's committed to come play some tunes at the event. This includes JayMaze, Foxx, LadyJo, SnakeDance and Stiofain, and various liver performances by various artists. If your an OSG DJ or would also like to contribute to the event, please check this topic.