Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Recreation Plaza

Yesterday i spent some hours with 6 beautiful ladies in bikini's. (Quite unexpected,  for a late novermber evening).  After slapping on a pair of decent swimming trunks ( thnx Claudia!) we were enjoying the waterslide at Recreation Plaza. The attractions are built by Cuteulala Artis, and on behalf of  (no doubt) many happy members of the community. Thanks ! This was just what was missing in OSG.

So now Osgrid has a fully operating amusement park, where (next to the speedbuild, primwords and other games OSG has to offer) you can  enjoy massive waterslides, and a working roller coaster and ferris wheel.

Go check these rides yourself, just find some swimmingtrunks, and sit in the Tube. Whooooooeeeiiiiii. Great fun, and the teleporter at the slide exit takes you back instantly for another ride. Today there is a new fast slide, and as it is a work in progress, i think this plaza will soon be a very populair hangout.

You can reach Recreation Plaza through the North gate teleporter in LBSA plaza. Definetely a must see, and real fun to do. (Did i mention all the nice ladies in bikini's ?) Don't forget to try the roller coaster too, and when you do, try mouselook. (scroll in with mousewheel) for a nice virtual experience. A HD video of the coaster can be found below, but i advise to just visit and try for yourself.  Enjoy !

At 30-11 i revisited the sim Cuteulala Park, next to recreation plaza, and it now has multiple slides and Coasters, and a lounge to chill. More to come soon, for what i've heared. 
At 6-12 an OAR is released you can the download in Osgrids forums.