Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Housekeeping & Party

After we upgrade to the latest OSG release  (planned for next weekend), it's about time to do some housekeeping work on the simulators. The club build now has over 28.000 prims, and since it is really nowhere near finished, it's time to put the region in it's own single instance. It's current 2 neighbours in the same simulator carry around 15.000 and 4000 prims now and it eats a heap of RAM. And although i don't expect it to cause problems, it's just handy to be able to shutdown all other regions, and so free up some GB of Ram when desirable. While at that, can just aswell make some fresh OAR's, and start cleaning out the old installs of 2012 and claim back some diskspace.

Tonight we attended a rock party at the Blue Wave club. Its found in the region "Pyramid", and is under water. I found myself between fancy dressed avatars, with various rock classics swinging the place, provided by samira's live stream. As you can see in the pic, there's a party here every wednesday. And we can't party too much, now can we, with all this hard labour ahead of us....  Feel you missed out ? If your quick you can still get there... Next opportunity is this friday, when you can find most party people at  the weekly D&J party with DJ(ay). Yao