Friday, November 20, 2015

Board meeting & Community conference

OSgrids Secretary Albertlr Landar has announced a board meeting on OSG Forums.
The board of OSgrid, Inc. has scheduled its annual meeting of the membership on Sunday, December 13th, 2015 at 11 am Grid time. The meeting will be held at Event Plaza. As you might have read a major & mandatory update is being scheduled, and OSG is making an effort on informing everyone prior to this update being released.

OpenSimulator community conference is held on 5th of December. The website is offline for some reason, but you can "reserve" your seat, or sponsor the event via this link. (eventbrite). An event schedule is found here. For further information you can contact avacon, who organizes this event.

Opensimulator passed the 71.000 regions mark. The Hypergrid is still growing. More and more grids emerge. For all the people that worry the metaverse is dying, ask yourselves who maintains these 70.000 regions. Also try and hop in on one of the great events the grids offer. You can party non stop nearly all weekend. An event calendar is found here.  

Last but not least, I should not forgot too mention that next 2 weeks are very good weeks to make OAR and IAR exports. Make sure you get copies before the 9.0 upgrade arrives  Better safe than sorry.  Have a Maintenance day !