Sunday, May 15, 2011

Updates, news, and upcoming events

Well since we gathered enough new stuff to fill a topic again, here we go :
First some news on meshes. LindenLabs will change its Mesh Format, effectively making all meshes up to now unusable. OSG will follow, as they plan to remain compatible. So might want to wait on going loose with meshes for a bit longer, as you likely will need to re-upload them all.

Kokua released a test version of its viewer called Kokua WIP 0.1.0 ( WIP = work in progress ). In their words :  This is a test build. It will likely have many bugs. It might break your avatar or eat your pets. Use it for testing purposes only. This is not a finished product. The UI is not final. The feature set is not final. Nothing about it is final.
In short, they need your feedback, but expect a wobbly ride.

OSG issued a new build yesterday, (for last Aprils INI file adjustments click HERE) and also brought back the Who's Online pages, which show avatars / friends and the region their at. To get there, login to the OSG pages, and select "my grid tools" at the right hand corner. The wire is not available yet, but any progress on the social part is great. Also you can Purge your avatar, if you keep having cloud issues.This will Ruth you, but you stop being a flying fluff. Some other helpfull tools to cure avatar issues are found at LBSA and Wright Plaza.  (I'll stop mentioning the empty trash via your OSG web account, people should know by now...)

Wright plaza has been updated with various shops, and a tourist office, with useful information and landmarks.  Key Gruin kicked off the speedbuilding (weekly winners are presented at LBSA plaza) and primwords contests, (more info in OSG forums) and Dan Banner became admin, and can help new people get free hosted land on the plaza regions. Last Tuesdays Meeting at wright was heavily attended, and an annoying bug was detected and handled.  Also OSG dev's are working on their asset server, juicing up performance.

D&J are having their Friday Party's every week again, and Belfast's Maritime club has live performance acts every sunday. OSGrid hit the 60.000+ users mark aswell, and new initiatives are launched. There is a new "Like" voting system available by Fernando Oliveira, which you can pick up at Festa24 sims.
Red Dragon has updated it's regions, and put in some more eyecandy. Shops got updated, but we can still use more venders, so if your interested in getting a free vending space shop, get in touch. From stall or kiosk to huge floors / halls we have a spot for your goods. Free advertising space for your sims available aswell, just drop us a NC with a picture of your sim and it's LM. 

OSgazette came out with a new issue, having 24 pages of various interesting subjects for your pleasure, knowledge and leisure. You can find the OSgazette distributors at various locations.This issue sneak peek : Techtalk by Nebadon, building classes, and even a RL interview with an artist from germany. Another highlight is the annual OSG Birthday ( OSG4B ) which is its 4th this year. For any info, tips, events, and stuff you would like to organise, hit the forums on OSG4B  

Last but not least, our region tip for this update is Pandora Region. Find yourself in the world of Avatar and visit the tranquile and wonderfully built sim by Cai & Dutchy. Turn on the music, relax and dream when you follow the Helicordian ...don’t touch them however :). Try to walk over the tree trunks across the water to the Hometree. Dance on the drums and meditate at the center, enjoy the view on the Pandora blue Whale and the mountain Banshees, the lost gardens and its flamingo's. Follow the path to explore the  forest and swamp. Walk under the waterfall, run under the dragon.Take a relaxing bath at the pool. And don’t forget to look into the sky....