Saturday, August 17, 2019

Fundraiser & new Opemnsim release

A fresh copy of Opensim was posted to the OSgrid downloads page today. It requires .NET framework 4.6 or Mono 5.12 to run, change-logs can be found here.

OSgrid Funderaiser
From 20 to 27 September, OSgrid will have it's annual fundraiser. Also this year, there will be an action of unique builds and services, made to sell at the action. All sales will be funding the grid directly.

OSgrid is doing ok-ish financially. The regular donations nearly cover the monthly running costs of the grid, and we have a small reserve for calamities. The money raised at the fundraiser will form a buffer for the future, and opens options for expansion, and / or hardware replacement if the need arises. This years chosen theme is Steampunk.

Although OSgrid is free, its operational costs are real. You can see here, where your donations are spent on. All staff are unpaid volunteers, your money is used for 100% on keeping servers alive. Your donations also allow the people that do not have the budget to spend money online, to still participate, have fun, and enjoy all the great experiences a virtual world has to offer. Your input is hence very appreciated.

If you want to make a donation, click here. If you can't spend money, but you're a great builder, consider making something unique for the auction, and donate that. If you have other creative idea's, those are welcome too. In last years action several services were offered, like a "live DJ", "Personal training classes" by subject matter experts, and even complete OAR's and websites were hammered of. The funds it raised enables all of us to live our dreams, and keep the grid strong and lasting. Today (Saturday at 11.00 am grid time), the weekly Q&A at Hurliman plaza will likely be dedicated to this fundraiser. Feel free to join the discussion and share your input. 

Sunday, August 11, 2019

Cleaning up the Blog

No, i'm not wiping it, nor stopping it, just cleaning it up. Removed a few bunch plethora of dead links, the downloads page & footer links have been cleaned, and we brought the information in the sidebars up to speed again. Inactive pages with historical references will remain available, and new links will be added on a irregular basis as we collect them. Some more page maintenance is planned, check back and visit to check the changes.

OSgrid 12th Birthday has been a blast, with loads of visitors during the week long events. Great music and DJ's almost 24/7 and a variety of skilled live musicians, streaming live concerts into Event Plaza. Like every year, very cool displays were built on the OSG12B regions, which you can still visit ! Don't wait too long though, as these regions will disappear within now and a few weeks. You can check pictures of all builds on Verna's Flickr page,

For rest life in OSgrid is fun as always. Unexpected flash-mobs of the LBSA-band brighten up the early weekend mornings, after a great Friday Party at event plaza.

Soon planning for this years fundraiser will start. If you want to contribute / organize / perform, or are just interested, attend the Saturday Q&A at Hurliman Plaza. Your input is appreciated !

Last but not least, a small promo video for OSgrid made by Snakems. Enjoy.