Sunday, June 19, 2016

Busy month

Well, it's been quite some weeks since i posted here, so let's see what happened in the OSgrid. There is a steady influx of new people, and apparently more activity on social media lately, which is great. You (would probably not be reading this if you didn't) already know about open sim, but 95% of the rest of the world never heard of it, or doesn't half understand how awesome it actually is. So more attention on FB, twitter, G+, youtube, Flickr, and other mediums is great. Like us here !

OSG9B preparations were started, and all plots were "gone in a week", indicating there is a lot of interest in the celebrations for OSgrids 9th Birthday. I took a sneak peek already, and it has awesome freebies & display builds, so be sure to check out the OSG9B  regions, there placed around Event Plaza. Progress & the event planning is discussed weekly at the Saturday Q&A on Wright plaza. (In case you do not care about meetings at all, there is also a party starting at 10.00 every Saturday on Mirrrorland, with DJ Aussie, and hosts Mirror & Linda !).

Last weekend all OSgrid code was updated to version 0.9 in the backend. This should improve daily use a lot. Better TP's, and no more crashing VAR regions if you place them against each other. (also meaning you now can easily make very large regions).  If you're running old code, this might be a good moment to bring your simulators up to speed.

New community classes have started, the current sessions are on "Scripting" and given by Fu Barr on Sandbox plaza. (These classes are "hands on" so you get to rez stuff and play around with actual scripts). They will reoccur weekly until finished. Every Saturday, Sandbox Plaza 12.00 PST (grid time). straight after the Saturday Q&A.  You only missed the basic class for now, so can still enter next week, attend, and get smarter. Chatlogs will be placed on the OSG Wiki.

The Friday event has seen a lot of new performers, DJ Jay-Lo, DJ Prinz, DJ Strannick, Joao, MadMax, Singergirl, Cecilia & Hafxex, and more. We even had the Phaandoriagrid flash-mobbing over to co-host the Friday party, which was a blast. It's awesome when you meet people from other grids, party together and have a great time.

We try to make en effort to offer you a varied scala of performers, so you get a diverse offering of music and live acts at the Friday party's. After OSG9B you can expect some "themed events" to occur, more on that later. Mind that if you're a performer or DJ, regardless of what grid you live in, you're more than welcome to participate in this event and come over to play/ sing/ run a set, with your crew. Great way to promote your venue, share your music / skills / lyrics,  and make new friends.

My fundraising project for OSG is not exploding, only 4 members sofar, but all bits help. (And these "sizable" bits help a lot). Many other initiatives have started, and all these efforts hopefully will result in a stable basis to bring the OSgrid in the next phase of it's life cycle.  OSG also made a quicklink on paypal, with which you can easily do paypal to paypal micro transfers. Find it on :  Mind that for US residents, any donations to OSgrid are tax deductible.

HG safari had its 100th Trip, and celebrated it on Event Plaza. Great fun. If you like to explore & party, they leave from Francogrid every Wednesday to various destinations.
At Red Dragon not a single prim was rezzed past few weeks, it will be updated to latest code this weekend. Lastly i worked on a simple page with buttons linking to any "relevant" OSgrid & Metaverse related pages. Find it here :