Tuesday, July 15, 2014

whats happening

The metaverse is buzzing with activity lately, despite it being holiday season. OSgrid has welcomed its 100.000th user, and in 2 weeks the OSG7B events will take place.  A lot of nice display builds have arisen on the 3 VAR display regions. If you want to participate in the festivities held at Event Plaza by performing, DJ-ing, or providing other forms of entertainment, you can sign up in the OSG forums here. 

A new club called Greeklife opened it's doors, you can visit their display on OSG7BE region, or visit the club directly by finding HRA CLUB on OSgrids map. They run weekly events on Thursday evenings if i recall correctly. Your host Envoy Nikos from Greece, and the Dutch DJ Yoshi Noizumeka will entertain you. This means you can party in OSG at least 5 days a week, in different venue's now. And if you think, mehh these party's have 4 dead boring quiet AV's and a bot, you might try and visit some, and be surprised.

A while ago i posted the URL of Planatex Radio, this has been moved and is to be found in the player section of sunlight radio as of now. The OSgrid troubleshooting document has been moved to the "help"page. The downloads page needs some love, but since it's tedious work it will likely take a while.

The Opensimulator conference has extended it's deadline for proposals until today, so if you want to participate you heed to hurry and hit this URL. You can also still become a crowdfunder , sponsor or a volunteer. There still looking for greeters, moderators, stream and tech supports, etc.

A very interesting article i read is found on hypergrid buisiness  It was posted last week, about Fernando Olivira writing a tool to enable his users to backup OAR's straight into dropbox, which i think is a very nice feature to have.

Monday, July 14, 2014

In memoriam

A couple of weeks ago, sad news was posted in G+ about Cornflakes Woodcock, a very creative prim artist that had his home in OSgrid since 2010. He passed away almost a year ago. The news spread very slowly, as when people go "offline" for shorter or longer periods, there generally just shifting interests / grids etc. and often it's hard / impossible to keep track of all people and their alts & interests. (I really thought he just left to Metro).

Thirza Ember, editor from the Pingsfromtheafterlife blog has had various interviews with residents and friends of Cornflakes in OSgrid (including yours truly) and wrote the following beautiful article on her Blog :
Tribute to Cornflakes .

If you have had the privilege to meet him, you might want to go and check the article and all the great anecdotes and pictures she collected. (I promised to integrally repost the article here as well, but since it has all the pictures, i decided to just post this article pointing towards it).

Cornflakes has left us with his inspiring builds, and some "hidden messages" in his builds. Much of his works have been saved, and there are various tributes and even a complete "Cornflakes Museum" was erected. You can find all details in the article mentioned above. On a personal note, I would like to share the most important "lesson"  Cornflakes left me (this was back in 2011 already, but nevertheless ) :