Relevant documents to setup and troubleshoot your Osgrid installation will be posted on this page.

OSgrid Wiki 2017

Feedback / additional information / corrections can be emailed to Foxx Bode at Gmail.

Inworld help is generally available@ LBSA plaza.Offworld, try OSG's new Wikipages.

other handy things to know :

Do NOT run versions below, as they contain a vulnerability. Mind that after 8.2 versions, the INI files were adjusted ! This means by deafult 8.2 regions or older versions won't connect properly!
There is also an "optional"folder with ini configurations that drastically limit console spew, and fine tunes some other settings. (You can copy those and overwrite the existing files in /BIN) if you desire to use them. When 8.4 is released, (2016) all older versions will go obsolete, as there will be a code merge with donated Avination code, which is incompatible with older versions. For news on that release, check this topic or Use version 0.9.x as of 2017.
In version 9.1 of 18 januari 2018 changes to opensim.ini were implemented. Find those here.

If you are the owner of the awesome NPC paramour danceball by Aine Coaimhe, the permissions for it can be set in the config-include folder, in the Ossl_enable INI file to be exact. If you don't have one of those danceballs, run to wright plaza or hop to the refugee grid to pick one up. It's without doubt the best Danceball in the metaverse. Below your BIN folder, is a folder called optional In there you can find a pre configured OSSLenable.ini.example. Rename it and overwrite your existing file to make NPC's and the danceball work.

Vivox registration to request voice for your parcel can be applied for by submitting the form. Follow the instructions per email. (To edit your vivox credentials in opensim.ini).

If you run into a NAT loopback isssue, and your viewer is on the same machine as the server / regions, you can try the workaround posted here Mind that it is a workaround, and other machines in your network will not be able to connect ! Just you, on the machine with both the viewer, simulator, with this loopback installed, and outside visitors will be able to visit. Not your brother in the room next to you. This fix has also been tested and confirmed working over wireless.

OSgrid has a contactform. Use it when you cant get to an admin inworld.

If these tutorials were of any use to you, and you'd like to "give back", please consider a donation to the OSgrid. I really just like to help on a personal note, and do not want payments. The real FREEdom OSG offers is all i care for. And Donating to the grid helps everyone in it, including yourself. Thanks, and I hope you enjoy it as much as we do !

This webpage has around 1400 outbound links.72 of them seem broken or outdated. Please forgive me for not feeling like going through 178 posts to fix them all.  Stuff changes over time.

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