Saturday, November 9, 2019

Speedbuild and Yeti code

last week a new Opensim build was posted to OSgrids download page, containing the Yeti build. The 2nd named Opensimulator release that follows up on Snail. All Red Dragon regions have been updated to this build, and seem to be performing nicely.

Recreation Plaza has been revamped, and opened to public. It's OSgrids "Gaming"  region, on which a variety of inworld games are / can be played. It has been ever present, but didn't have the love and attention it needed. So it got a refresh, and active hosts are deployed for Multiplayer games.
Last Thursday Snakedance Moonwing hosted the 1st game of Speedbuild, in which 9 contestants had 1 hour to build the theme "Something that flies". Speedbuild is "core building with prims". So people create a build from scratch, and after an hour, contestants and visitors can vote to declare a winner. You can see the winning builds (we had a tied 1st place) at LBSA plaza on display. With nine  contestants and sixteen spectators, it was great fun. If you missed it, no worries, these games will be reoccurring bi-weekly on odd and even weeks. Feel free to attend, or compete in the contests.

Next Thursday Primwords will be hosted on the same plaza. It's like pictionary, but with prims rather than drawings. 1 person gets a word / theme, but is not allowed to type in chat. Than he has to make the others guess his word by building something. Hilarity & amazing quick-builds guaranteed.

Apart from above fixed time games, Greedy tables have been added, and you can play things like bubble breaker, Tetris, crude trap, ride the mechanic bull or other carnival rides, have an exhilarating Media experience or jump the giant trampoline with all your friends. OSGrid is an 18+ grid, but since you're  there playing computer games anyways, just enjoy "letting that inner kid out".
The plaza is open to public, so if you're bored of yapping with your friends, can now pop over and beat them in a friendly game of choice.

This years Halloween was great fun to with an awesome Event Plaza, you can find some pictures of it in OSgrids Facebook Page. The annual OSgrid Members Meeting will be held at December 8th instead of 12th, as that date the Opensim community conference is in full swing. And after that it's already Christmas again. The Metaverse didn't die, codebase is getting new features, and even after a decade we are still having Fun and moving forward.