Sunday, July 3, 2011

Red Dragon IX Migrated to SQL

Last week a new Red Dragon Club emerged on the grid. Its just above the old (and lost) Red Dragon Nite Club sims on the map. After loading the 25-6 OSG version, the region has also been upgraded to use SQL, rather than SQLlite, boosting it's performance a bit.

In the build you can find various theme's and lounges, like a beach theme, a park theme, some bars, and there are multiple dancefloors to be found. Also a 100+ seat conference room was installed, and in the upcoming weeks we will rebuild our shops  with gestures, -*RDS*- design builds, and more. For now, you will need to fly around, as we have not yet instated a proper teleport system, but you can find all the goodies in this 1 building once done.

If your looking for a space to run IE a gallery, or if you would like free  advertising or shopping space, feel free to contact Foxx Bode.  Red Dragon Club has several spaces available for you to host your goods & wares free of charge. Also when you need to host any event, Red Dragon Club can offer a suitable space, live streaming music,with a great atmosphere in of one of the grids hottest danceclubs.