Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Red Dragon Osgrid 2017

Red Dragon Nite club is 10 years old this year. Of these 10 years, we have been "operational" for 3,5 years in Secondlife, giving huge party's every weekend. In the Osgrid we spent most our time building. This resulted in regions with over 50.000 prims, which makes them look nice, but renders them useless for events / party's.  Red Dragon build X is the latest build, meaning we should be considering making a new build next year.

So what's happening in OSGrid in the first quarter of 2017:

Every week :
- weekly developer meetings on Tuesdays  (Wright Plaza).
- weekly Wednesday Party by Aussie & Sirius on wednesdays (Event Plaza).
- weekly Friday Party by Osgrid with various DJ's (EP).
- weekly Resident meetings on Saturdays (WP).
- weekly Live musicians at the Maritime club on Sundays (belfast).

Special events :
- Class of 2017 will start somewhere in Q1 (learn to run your own simulator).
- Osgrid Valentine Event (will be held at Event plaza, the Friday before valentines day).
- The Annual "Cornflakes week" will be held in the last week of Februari.
- Community classes ( Scripting / Dj-íng / Basics etc ).

In the past year i've DJ'd every OSgrid Friday party (50 of 52 weeks). In the next year, you will see old and new faces playing sets on Fridays, but a bit less of Foxx. I threw myself out of the active DJ list, and went on "reserve". Both to have time for other activities, and to make room for "fresh blood".
If you're a DJ, and want to brighten our party's with some kick ass tunes, feel free to contact me inworld or on FoxxBode@Osgrid.org

Last but not least, we currently have an active OSGrid group on the Steamcommunity with OSG residents playing "other games". Stuff like GTA V, Saints Row, Left 4 Dead, and various other fun to play co-op games. If you'd love to shoot me in the face, or just like having fun outside the grid, feel free to request an invite.  Red Dragon Nite club has it's own group there. Any member of RDNC on Steam is automatically eligeble to recieve free random Steam Game keys.