Sunday, December 18, 2011

New release published

LBSA turned into an ice skating area, so beware when entering OSG.
 (The fallen ones that came before you now float as angels above you, so be warned).  Yesterday a new release of OSG was issued. If you haven't updated recently (like last month), you might want to take a look at the OSG  news aswell, as some stuff got added to the opensim.INI files.
 If your in the plaza's, dont forget to grab yourself a copy of the OSgazet. A new issue has been out for a while, and it always provides  a fun read.

Animated -

Soon it's christmas, and also people predict the end of times. Whichever happens, Red Dragon wishes all the best for you and those you love. Have a Merry Christmas.

We'll push in another update before 2012 starts, with more news, and hopefully more great goodies from the web to explore.