Sunday, February 9, 2020

Happy new year !

Well, that's a tad overdue, but still.Happy 2020 to you and all those dear to you. With that out of the way, lets see whats new.  OSgrid Recreation Plaza is running full-pull. Odd weeks run Primwords on Thursdays, even weeks have Speedbuild. After the contests, greedy is hosted. Monday evenings is greedy night and every Tuesday there is a photo-contest. So if you like gaming, or just socializing and don't want to "just hang around", Recreation plaza is a fun place to spend time, if not at some Party. Next week will be Valentines Party at OSgrid Event Plaza !

Opensim developments follow up rapidly, OSgrid is currently at Yeti released at 18-12.  Red Dragon Regions run these since release, without any notable issues. We have seen an increase of people moving over from GcG, as their grid is still not returned in a working state. It's being worked on though, and is expected to pop back in business in the near future.

Lately i have seen several people reporting " strange" issues with their regions. Most disappear when people update their machine. Normal maintenance for your PC, whether on Linux or windows is advisable, if you want to run a stable environment for your regions. Also sticking on some silly old build WILL land you into problems eventually. The rest of the world moves along. Update your OS and software regularly.  (Also when is the last time you saved an OAR of your regions ? )

OSgrid released some new rules for the Plaza's, to keep them hospitable. Apparently requesting people to "just behave civilized" is too much for certain individuals, that seem to thrive on needless drama, pointless discussions, or overuse of sounds, gestures, particles and/or spankers. One considers it great fun, another get's annoyed by the same. But there is a difference between playing a funny sound/ gesture, and just being annoying. (Use that same funny sound/gesture 30 times in a row).
This generates complaints, thus we get more rules.

Mind these rules are not made to restrict you in your freedom, you can still do whatever you like.
If your middle name is "excessive" however, consider doing that on your own region. If you simply can't have fun whilst acting like an adult human being practicing common decency, any public plaza's might just not be the place for you to hang out. It's not patronizing, its just OSgrid trying to keep things hospitable and accessible for everyone. For 98% of people these rules won't change or do anything.

Last but not least, Singularity seems unstable and have loads of glitches lately (to the point of just being unusable), and the latest Firestorm DOES NOT WORK with Opensimulator. Bugs with sound, graphics crashing, and other misery can occur if you run a flaky viewer. So if you seem to have a constant fight with rezzing, sound, loading, teleports, or your windows crashing altogether at shutdown of a viewer, you might want to try an older /different version of viewer.