Wednesday, February 25, 2015

OSGrid back up & running !


Read all about it here. Off to LBSA now... :D

Quick update :
All of Red Dragons 20 regions successfully started nice and smooth without problems. Apart from some estate settings ( teleport "blocked" instead of "anywhere", some pictures, and media url's ) all looks exactly like i left it :). That means 20 regions dated from the last version installed in august, with over 150.000 prims and 3000 scripts just booted, without any hassle, loading OAR's, or re configuring anything.  I only cleaned my viewer cache, as some DNS names didn't resolve properly due to old cached names. All is as it was. Nothing broken.

Big compliments to all admins & people involved in getting my favorite grid back online !

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Cornflakes Week

I know, i promised to not bother you with new posts until the OSgrid is booted up again, and it's not there yet. But this week is "Cornflakes Week" !  (No clue what that is ? You can read all about it HERE). More links to the various events that are organised can be found below.

Since i was also requested to organize an event, i asked my friends at D&J to do a "Mad Friday Party" at Close encounter. This as the Red Dragon is currently hosted on  my home server in Metro, and it just can't handle a lot of concurrent visitors, my viewer, and a decent stream at the same time.

D&J graciously accepted and thus the party will be held at Close encounter region in Metropolis grid on Friday 27th of February. We start at 19.00 GMT (1,5 hour earlier than the "normal" friday event). Your hostess for the evening will be Dorothea, and DJ's JayMaze, LadyJo and yours truly will form the lineup for the evening. It will be a themed party, with "Colorful / Silly" as your requested "dresscode". Also you are obliged to have Fun, and the last one leaving helps cleaning up....

Some links to an overview of all events this week :
G+ Event Listings
Event page on Facebook 

A CornFlakes Tribute Region is hosted on Metro; here's the HG link to it : , should you be interested in the works & creations of Cornflakes, or if you've never heard of that clown before. It's worth a visit. Special thanks go to Thirza Ember who took the initiative in organizing this week of madness and dedicating it to CW.