Wednesday, January 13, 2016

So much games, so little time....

Finished Dishonored, Sniper Elite III, and on 60% through GTA V. In case you're wondering why there's still a happy new years message as last post. Steam winter sale happened, and i need to find a way to quit work and live at least 140 years after today, if i want to finish all games in my library now. 1st world problems.

So, lets see what happened in the meantime in the Metaverse. More and more of events are held in the various grids, many you can find posted here and in the various facebook and Google+ metaverse related groups.  Of course everyone is welcome on the OSgrid Friday party which is still held every Friday on Event Plaza. Get in touch if you like to DJ a set or run a performance there.  

In the OSgrid forums i read people are making good progress on running Opensimulator on Raspberry & Banana Pi's and other nifty little devices, and on hypergridbusiness you can read all about virtual worlds & virtual reality, and all the gadgets which are starting to flood this new market.
For people that like to visit and explore others builds in groups, find the Hypergrid Safari group. Mr. "Pathfinder" wrote a nice blog on it (was published last year, but has all the relevant links and info).

Furthermore, i like to say hi to all my Russian visitors.  Благодарим Вас за посещение ночного клуба Red Dragon . Найти нас "inworld" путем создания бесплатную учетную запись на и начать приключение Metaverse сегодня !

And last but not least, we miss some friends, of which i sincerely hope they visit soon.