Friday, March 9, 2012

Red Dragon moved & Grid outage

Last week, after installing the latest version of the OSG software, we put the Red Dragon back to "old" map positions. Also the previous build that used to lag insanely, is now back up and running properly and as it used to.  When writing this the grid is Offline for over an hour already, although were still partying hard on D&J's friday party at close encounter sim.

The quote of the day in the category : "Things you don't want your sysadmin to say" :
<nebadon> I accidently whacked the inventoryitems database
<nebadon> gonna have to restore from backup
No stress Neb, we all know the feeling of computers not doing what we would like them to. You'll fix it.
 (put's reminder in to read "excuses.txt" in next version of OSG ;-).

It is a thing we rarely see. OSgrid being down. As a backup is being restored we expect this should not have much impact, other than some time. You can keep track here when the services are back up and running, or be patient and keep an eye on the twitters, or IRC ( scroll to the bottom of this page for that ) to keep updated on the status / news. In the meantime, we party on !

Update: Grid already up again. Downtime was limited to less than 6 hours, and only inventory of the last 12 hours prior to that can be missing.
Chapeau for OSG. We have suffered 0 impact from this whole database issue. Now that's disaster recovery management that deserves 2 thumbs up.

If you also like the OSgrid, and the awesome service they offer you, you might want to consider sending them a Donation . Bang for your bucks, and money well spent.