Monday, January 12, 2015

Fingers crossed

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The recovered drive has been shipped from the recovery service to the data center.
No ETA yet on when the data center will receive the recovered drive or have it online for us.

Both new asset servers have successfully passed the first tests hosting OSgrid regions.
Lbsa Plaza and Sandbox Plaza 2 successfully connected to the new asset servers.
OARs were loaded successfully, and assets replicated to both asset servers as expected.
Dan Banner and Allen Kerensky were both able to login to the regions, configure their basic avatars, then hypergrid out to other servers successfully and hypergrid from other servers into the new OSG regions successfully.

OSgrid restart is getting closer but there is still no specific date or ETA as we test this entirely new asset service. Once the current testing rounds of failover, failback, and backup/restore are complete to all admins’ satisfaction including finalized checklists and documentation, we may be able to offer a tentative ETA for restoring service.

Things are looking more positive, and hopefully we can soon go "home". Despite the no ETA this is positive news. Now it's fingers crossed, and hope the data on the drives is usable.

Sunday, January 11, 2015


Still not too much to report on OSgrid (it's still down), any hot news can be found on . The grid has been up briefly for testing of the new asset system, and some of the OSG plaza's ( LBSA / Wright ) are reachable though the hypergrid.

Whilst OSG is recovering, we still party every friday in Metropolis grid, and await OSG's return.

The OSG troubleshooting document found under Help in the menu has been revised slightly, and most of the services mentioned in the previous post on the domain have been implemented.

As blogger , European resident and Human being, i also have to share this picture.

I will not post my opinion on the "religion of peace" causing all this grief, but feel free to make an educated guess.
( if you cant, try this list or these numbers or listen to this Imam and try to tell yourself again it has noting to do with a specific religion ). Just incidents, by lone wolf extremist lunatics. Right.

I hope the OSGrid is back soon, so i again can seek refuge in a nice world, without politics, religion, money, extremists or idiots that would kill you over your opinion.

Make love, not War.
Peace - Foxx-