Saturday, September 5, 2015

The day after

I woke up this morning. 7 hours after one of the biggest parties I have attended in OSG. I grabbed my morning coffee, logged into OSgrid. Checked the Map for Close Encounter Region. It's really gone...

Doro & Jay "went out with a bang" yesterday. The region was loaded & full for several hours, and Jay pulled out an 8 hour set of awesome music. We partied so hard one of their servers burnt to a crisp. (literally, hence D&J had a minor outage at the end of the party). A series of pictures of this epic party. shot by Malon can be found here. A machinima by konilanzius is found here .

Now i can post about my gratitude for JayMaze, Dorothea, Akira, Freaky, Aine, Ladyjo and all others that brought all this fun & joy for such a long time, but i will not. All needed has been said, and now we need to try to keep the "spirit" they put into our world alive, as a tribute to their legacy. So with help of many friends, we will attempt to keep the Friday party going as the OSgrid Friday Party. Every Friday it will be launched at Event Plaza. Hope to see you there in the future.