Thursday, January 16, 2014

Things to do in 2014

Events :
Pretty much every friday there's a nice party on Close encounters, every wednesday a party at the blue pyramid club, and on sundays the Maritime club often has live performances. Special events held on Event plaza are announced at LBSA plaza on OSgrid.

There is a nice set of GUI (Graphical User Interface) tools developed by Dene Sparta, which can help you perform various tasks on your Opensim console at a click of your mouse. Find the installer(s) and instructions on . Looks handy, so I need to play with it sometime soon.

For windows users returning to the OSgrid after being away, current OSG versions need .NET framework 4
(Typically you can see what is installed under C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework).
Also if you come from a pre 0.76 release, you will need to rewrite / adjust to the new opensim.ini files.
Voice for your region can be still be requested by form at


  • Tutorials & howto's on: Installing opensim,  Troubleshooting & maintaining your installation, Configuring & testing your network etc. in 1 page. Not the normal "quick start forum post" but an elaborate guide, including a FAQ, error messages, and their solutions. 
  • Event listings & region showcases
  • Updates, news and links to fresh goodies
  • hitting 45000 prims on the main club build and try to host an event 
  • Getting mesh related info in the links section
  • clean & organise the downloads
Some of that plans will take a while, but all of the above is on the agenda for 2014, we will see next year where the plans brought us.