Saturday, March 1, 2014


Red Dragon kicked off again at today, and had a nice opening, with DJ Foxx, Host Snakedance, and an average of 10 visitors. Like expected, the Club X region, carrying half the prims and scripts compared to the main club, performed excellent. No lag, no crashes, all went smooth, and we had a nice party. We ran a 3 hour set, and afterwards we popped to "Prim club" with all visitors, and continued to dance on tunes by DJ LadyJo.

Prim CLubThe event  at Prim Club is currently still playing, and at 17.00 PST another party will be occurring at Sunburst region. Meaning you can party all weekend in OSG, listen to a variety of tunes, and visit live events. All travel offices have been updated with some new regions to explore, so in weekends, no need to be bored.  For more events check the boards at LBSA plaza region in OSgrid.

Possibly a short OSG loadtest for scalable regions will be announced later tonight, taking place on Event plaza. Also keep posted for next weeks events listing, as "Red Dragon On Tour" will start its travels through the grid. We will stop posting G+ invites, but publish here and in the plaza's if and when events take place.