Thursday, January 6, 2011

OSgrid Upgraded, Aurora issues Logo contest

After the news on the mandatory upgrade, it was delayed a bit, but the update has been performed. OSgrid is back up and with working Hypergrid again. Information on which versions of Hypergrid are compatible, read this.
The most current version of OSG can be downloaded here. If your on 1 version before the current, you will still be able to connect, older versions will need to upgrade, to be able to connect to OSgrid.

Meanwhile, Aurora Sim has opened it's new year by issuing a contest for a hot new logo design. Eternal glory if you make Aurora the coolest logo on the web. Requirements and such can be found here. Contest will run all of January. More info can also be found on their fresh new Forum Boards.

The picture in todays article is one of the CyberBohemia Regions. It's mainly known due to it's Art vernissage's, and surrealistic inworld builds. It also carries a club with awesome particles by Galen TechnoShaman. More pictures on their regions can be found on their webpage, as they have a Photo gallery online.

Their regions run 24/7 and are definetely worth a check, especially if you've not seen them before. Their exhibitions  and the works and atmosphere on the sims is one experience you shouldn't miss out on.

One last thing we would like to share, you can loging to OSgrid webpage again, and kill the trash :) Figured you'd like to know.