Monday, April 27, 2015

Maintenance Day

This is what maintenance "day" ( takes me about an hour ) looks like. There are ways to automate most of this process (see OSG forums for that) but i prefer to to it manually, so i can keep good track of what i'm doing. Mind that pulling a OAR and backups of everyting is pretty useless if you do not copy the files and safely store those elsewhere. ( I learned this by Diskcrash ! )

OAR's generated of all regions - check
change region regionname
save oar somename.oar
Rinse and repeat for each region, upload copy OAR files to clouddrive.
(For convenience, save a copy of every instance's gridcommon.ini / regions.ini / opensim.ini along with the OAR's).

MySQL database dumped to file - check
Open MySQL command line and login :
mysqldump -uMyusername -p NameofMyDatabase > OSgriddata.sql
Upload copy of file to clouddrive

OSgrid software up to date for all regions - check
Download Here

Inventory cleaned & trash wiped- check
Delete stuff that generates errors or shows up missing
empty trash
login to OSgrid website, and in profile, empty trash
wait 15 minutes, relog.

IAR generated ( save iar user name /* password filename.iar )- check. Upload a copy to clouddrive.

That completes the maintenance cycle, and ensures that i have all my shit, even if things bork, explode or go missing.