Saturday, August 3, 2013

Happy Birthday OSG

OSB turned 6 years so the OSG6B party kicked of yesterday at D&J's close encounter region. There are 4 regions with exhibits and displays  of various OSG residents, and a central stage where party's will be held.
Freebies, region showcases, displays, sci-fi, smurfs, you will find plenty of wanna haves so make sure to pay the regions a visit. OSG6B north sourth east and west have the displays, events are on Central.

The scheduled events are listed on OSG's forums and stuff gets updated and added along the celebrations. So far you can read up on the activities below :

Friday  8/2 at 11:30 AM PST - D&J OSG6B Party @ Close Encounter

Avatar Repertory Theater presents two weekend performances on Region OSG6B West (the north lot). 
Saturday  8/3  2 PM PST - a radio drama, Ray Bradbury's Zero Hour @ OSG6B West
Saturday 8/3 3 PM PST - Opening word of OSG6B by Albertlr Landar, followed by a dance party
Saturday 8/3 11:30 AM to 12 noon PDT Osgrid viewer time, at Recreation Plaza. Speedbuild contest
Saturday 8/3 6 PM PST - Dance @ OSG6b Central

Sunday 8/4 at 1 PM PST - Live entertainment from The Maritime Club on the Road @ OSG6B Central
Sunday 8/4 at 2 PM PST - a staged reading of three works by Christopher Durang @ OSG6B West

There is also an Opensimulator Conference Loadtest this saturday, prior to the speedbuild contest. If you like to participate, visit the following link.

All Red Dragon regions will be online 24/7 during the OSG6B event, so you can come count the 100.000+ prims between the party's. On behalf of all members, Red Dragon Management wishes OSG and all it's residents a Happy Birthday, and we hope to visit many more of these. Party time !  

Monday, July 29, 2013

Grid down

Huh, The OSgrid is down. Only twitter mentions some downtime, but not what the reason is, nor how long it will take to get things back up and running. The message on twitter states :

ALERT : Grid is offline possibly for the next few days or maybe even longer, we are sorry about this inconvenience but it is unavoidable!

I assume / hope it will be back up before friday, as OSG6B is scheduled to start on that day.  I see some forum topics here and here  that could indicate something went FUBAR on the grid servers. Last outage was in august 2012  just after OSG5B. It was resolved within some hours back than.

I assume the admins will keep us posted when there is news to share. If it remains silent with updates here, you can always check OSG's Forum, Twitter, Newsfeed or scroll down to the bottom of this page, and join the IRC channels to try and get a hold of any admins. ( mind they might be to busy to chat when there trying to fix stuff ). Mind your sumilators will not start, or produce a gazzilion of errors if still "up". best shut them down, and wait for the heads up.

Update : Well that didn't take long. Looks like all is online again. Found this on Nebadons G+
UPDATE : Grid is back online we were able to do a quick band-aid to get things moving again, may be more outages later this week! Stay Tuned