Sunday, October 14, 2012

Party time @ Speakeasy Club

Every saturdaynight ( sundaymorning for the EU earlybirds ) you can dance and party at Speakeasy club at speakeasy region near littlefield. Your host & DJ Walter Balazic spins tunes, in weekly themed party's. For details on what specific party you run into, check OSgrids 'Forums.   ( I teleported and found myself in a "Devo party" full of people in yellow outfits with red caps.... )

The club is a classic club build, and worth a visit. Has a great lightning & particle system in place, an animated dancefloor and an inline dance system,  so you don't need to worry about your default OSG "breakdance" animations.

If you are a real party-animal, great host, awesome DJ,sexy dancer, blazing event manager, or otherwise, and would like to participate actively, feel free to contact Walter Balazic, Dirk Mathers, or Toy McBride. Ofcourse if you just like to party, hit speakeasy on Saturdaynight.

Littlefield is very active in the OSG community and has created a Halloween Region for everyone to enjoy. You can find it on map by looking for Stonehaven Party Isle. It contains a haunted house, haunted hayride, balloon ride, graveyard, corn maze and several other "toys" around the region. There organising a Halloween party on the region on Friday Nov. 2 and Saturday Nov. 3 from 8PM SLT on.